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High Temperature Reversion Resistant Silicone

Solid Silicone Sheet

High Temperature Reversion Resistant Silicone is a specialized form of silicone rubber designed to withstand extreme temperatures without undergoing significant chemical or physical changes.

The key advantage of High Temperature Reversion Resistant Silicone is its ability to maintain physical properties and resist chemical breakdown at temperatures where normal silicone would degrade. This makes it an invaluable material in any situation where durability and performance under extreme heat are required. Applications include press pads for flexible and printed circuit boards, release sheets in bonding processes, and high-strength gasketing.

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  • Long-term stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV and Ozone resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Extreme high-temperature resistance
  • Low compression set



  • ASTM D412
  • ASTM D624
  • ASTM D2240



Available in – Continuous rolls or cut sheets
Durometer available – 50
Thicknesses available (in) – 0.0625 to 0.125
Typical roll lengths (ft) – 50 – 100
Typical roll widths (in) – 36, 48
Surface finishing – Smooth finish, both sides
Color – Red/orange, other colors available



+572°F (+300°C)



Hardness shore A 50 ± 5 ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength MPa 6.5 ASTM D412
Elongation % 365 ASTM D412
Tear Strength kN/m 14.8 ASTM D624
Compression set (180°C, 22h) % 22.5 max. ASTM D395
Heat aging (300°C, 72h)
        Hardness change Shore A -3 ASTM D2240
        Tensile strength change % 34.7 ASTM D412
        Elongation change % -11.0 ASTM D412

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More Information


  • ASTM D412 is a standard that outlines methods for testing the tensile properties of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers.
  •  It measures properties like tensile strength, elongation, stress-strain characteristics, and modulus of these materials.
  • The test involves stretching a rubber or elastomer specimen at a constant rate until it breaks, to assess its strength and elasticity.
  • This test is crucial in evaluating materials for products that require high elasticity and strength, such as tires, hoses, belts, and various rubber components used in mechanical and automotive industries.


  • ASTM D624 is a standard test method for tear strength of conventional vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers.
  • It is used to measure the resistance of these materials to tearing, which is crucial for determining their suitability in various applications.
  • The test involves cutting a sample into a specific shape and applying tension until it tears, measuring the force required for initiation and propagation of the tear.
  • This test is vital in industries where durability and tear resistance are essential, such as in automotive parts, seals, gaskets, and consumer goods.

ASTM D2240

  • ASTM D2240 is a standard test method for determining the hardness of rubber materials and plastics using a durometer.
  • This test measures the depth of indentation in the material created by a specified force from a standardized indenter, providing a hardness value.
  • The hardness value obtained is critical for assessing the material’s suitability in various applications, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and medical devices.
  • It’s widely used for different types of rubber and plastic materials, offering a quick and reliable way to assess material properties for quality control and product development.


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