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LED Lighting

Silicone Solutions for LED Lighting Systems

Our National Silicone™ sponge and foam materials are a great choice for LED lighting enclosure, gasket or sealing requirements.

Outdoor led lighting

High powered indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems are being specified for many industries due to the energy savings and reduced maintenance costs over the long term. So, sealing out the damaging effects of temperature, humidity, wind, water, dust and other contaminants is essential. Silicone rubber offers excellent sealing ability and protection against the elements.  Available in multiple densities and thicknesses, in rolls, strips and sheets, with or without PSA, as well as standard and custom-cut parts.


LED Lighting Applications

  • Automotive Lighting
  • High Mast & Cobra Head Designs
  • Highway Lighting
  • Outdoor Display Lighting
  • Parking Lots
  • Public Parks & Walkways
  • Remote Telecommunications Stations
  • Retrofit Upgrades
  • Stadium Lighting
  • Street Lighting


Performance Properties of Silicone for LED Lighting

Silicone rubber holds a number of performance properties that are critical for LED lighting systems.

Resistant to Temperature Extremes – maintains integrity and flexibility between temperatures as high as 230℃/446℉ and as low as -100℃/-148℉.

Exceptional Long-Term Sealing Performance – Excellent compression set characteristics and resistance to stress relaxation combine to create a tight long-term seal against wind, rain, moisture, dust, and environmental contaminants (UL 1598, IP66/IP67).

Excellent Heat Transfer Properties – will transfer heat away from the internal circuitry to the external housing where it dissipates to prolong service life.

Resistant to Environmental Degradation – able to withstand the effects of UV light, Ozone, Oxidation, Radiation, Corona Discharge, and general weathering.

Chemically Inert – no off-gassing, will not degrade chemically over time and is resistance to solvents.

Durability – retains performance properties over the long term and will not harden, crack, or become brittle over time.







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