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Firm Density Silicone Sponge

AMS3196 Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Rubber

This firm density silicone sponge is ideal for demanding sealing and gasket applications. It is produced with a fabric finish on both sides, is flexible and can handle extreme temperature environments. It also offers excellent compression set resistance and can maintain its resiliency under extended compression.



  • Excellent for seals and gaskets
  • High compressibility
  • Low compression set
  • UV/Ozone resistant



  • AMS3196



Available in – Continuous rolls or cut sheets
Thickness available (in) – 0.0625 to 0.500
Typical roll lengths (ft) – 25 to 100
Typical roll widths (in) – 36
Surface finishing – Fabric impression finish, both sides
Cell structure – Closed cell
Color – Red/orange, grey, black, color matching available



-103°F to +450°F  (-75°C to 232°C)



Compression deflection (25%) psi (kPa) 12-20 (83-138) ASTM D1056
Density < 0.25” thick pcf (kg/m3) 52 (830) max. ASTM D1056
Density ≥ 0.25” thick pcf (kg/m3) 43 (692) max. ASTM D1056
Compression set (22h, 100°C) % 60 max. ASTM D1056
Tensile strength psi (kPa) 100 (689) typical. ASTM D412

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More Information


  • AMS3196 is an aerospace material specification is from SAE International Group.
  • The specification covers silicone rubber sponge in the form of sheet, strip, extrusions, and molded shapes.
  • Our firm density silicone sponge sheet is in accordance with the physical property requirements of AMS3196 test standard.
  • This product has been used typically for general applications requiring closed-cell, firm sponge rubber that will be flexible from -75 to +205 °C (-103 to +401 °F), but usage is not limited to such applications. Compression set may be high at the higher temperature.




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