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UL 94 HB Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge

Closed Cell Silicone Sponge

This medium closed cell flame retardant silicone sponge is ideal for sealing and gasket applications where flame resistance and fire safety are a top priority.

Blue Grey Silicone Sponge

This material has received a UL 94 HB and UL94 HF-1 rating for flame resistance and features a blue/grey hue. It The material is produced with a fabric impression on both sides, is flexible and offers excellent compression set resistance.

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  • Blue/grey color
  • Flame retardant
  • Excellent for seals and gaskets
  • High compressibility
  • Low compression set
  • UV/Ozone resistant



  • UL 94 HB
  • UL 94 HF-1



Available in – Continuous rolls or cut sheets
Thickness available (in) – 0.0625 to 0.500
Typical roll lengths (ft) – 25 to 100
Typical roll widths (in) – 36
Surface finishing – Fabric impression finish, both sides
Cell structure – Closed cell
Color – Blue/grey



-103°F to +450°F  (-75°C to 232°C)



Compression deflection (25%) psi (kPa) 6-14 (41-96) ASTM D1056
Density < 0.25” thick pcf (kg/m3) 43 (690) max. ASTM D1056
Density ≥ 0.25” thick pcf (kg/m3) 34 (550) max. ASTM D1056
Compression set (22h, 100°C) % 60% max. ASTM D1056
Tensile strength psi (kPa) 125 (862) ASTM D412
Flammability HB & HF-1 rating UL 94

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More Information

UL 94 HB

  • UL 94 HB is a is a safety and flammability standard by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • This material is compliant with the UL 94 HB test standard for flammability.
  • The horizontal burn test measures how quickly a horizontally oriented polymer specimen burns across when a flame is applied to one end of the sample.
  • In order for a material to be classified UL 94 HB, it must not have a burning exceeding 40 mm per minute over a 75 mm span for specimens having a thickness of 3.0 mm to 13 mm. For material with thickness less than 3mm the burning rate should not exceed 75mm per minute over a 75mm span. The material will also be rated as HB if it ceases to burn before the 100mm mark independent of thickness.


UL94 HF-1

  • UL94 HF-1 tests measure the ability of a plastic material to resist ignition and burning when exposed to a flame. The test evaluates both the rate at which the material burns and how quickly the flame extinguishes after the source of ignition is removed.
  • Materials rated as UL94 HF-1 are considered to be highly flame-retardant. This means that they are less likely to catch fire and will self-extinguish more rapidly compared to materials with lower flame resistance ratings.
  • UL94 HF-1 rated materials are commonly used in environments where fire safety is a critical concern. These include electrical appliances, electronic equipment, and other products where fire resistance is crucial to ensure safety and compliance with fire safety standards.
  • Achieving a UL94 HF-1 rating indicates that a plastic material meets stringent safety standards for flame resistance. This can be a significant factor in product design and selection for manufacturers who need to comply with fire safety regulations in various industries.



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