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Medium Density AUTOMOTIVE Silicone Foam

Our new automotive purposed silicone foam (30-SIL-MFM) was approved and listed for GMW16392 Class 2 Type 2 on the international General Motors MATSPC database. Leveraging 10+ years of experience and engineering capability, we developed a silicone foam fully meeting the demanding GMW standard. In areas such as tensile strength and elongation the product far exceeds any minimum requirements or expectations.

Special properties of this material make it outstanding for applications in the automotive market. Special properties include low compression set, excellent water impermeability under high and low temperatures, and resistance to long-term environmental conditions.


This specification covers silicone foam materials used for sealing various components within vehicles. These silicone foam materials are recommended for applications where the operating temperature range is -55 °C to +200 °C. Materials can be produced in continuous rolls, sheets, or cast bun blocks.

Material Class II: Closed Cell Foam.

Material Definition: Type 2 – This is a medium modulus (medium cellular) foam, which can be easily compressed and used as noise isolation and as an air, dust, and fluid seal.

Rechargeable Energy Storage systems

This silicone foam also meets the rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS) requirements for compression set and water impermeability, making it safe to use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Best suited for use in fluid and dust seals, vibration isolation and battery cell alignment.

dimensions & appearance

Thickness Available (in) – 1/16  to 1/2
Typical length (ft) – 25 to 100
Typical width (in) – 36
Surface finishing – Fabric impression finish, both sides
Cell structure – Closed cell
Color – Red/orange

thickness TOLERANCES

1/16 Inch (1.6 mm) – 0.05″ (1.30 mm) min / 0.07″ (1.90 mm) max
3/32 Inch (2.4 mm) – 0.08″ (2.10 mm) min / 0.10″ (2.70 mm) max
1/8 Inch (3.2 mm) – 0.11″ (2.80 mm) min / 0.14″ (3.60 mm) max
3/16 Inch (4.8 mm) – 0.17″ (4.40 mm) min / 0.20″ (5.20 mm) max
1/4 Inch (6.4 mm) – 0.23″ (6.00 mm) min / 0.26″ (6.80 mm) max
3/8 Inch (9.5 mm) – 0.35″ (9.00 mm) min / 0.39″ (10.00 mm) max
1/2 Inch (12.7 mm) – 0.47″ (12.20 mm) min / 0.52″ (13.20 mm) max
* Tolerances are typical values obtained from sample testing


PropertiesUnitRequirementTest Method
Compression deflection (25%)psi (kPa)6-14 (41-97)ISO 3386
Densitypcf (kg/m3)28-31 (450-500)ISO 845
Compression set (24h, 100°C)%(10) max.ISO 6916-1
Tensile strengthpsi (kPa)24 (165) min.ISO 1798
Elongation%50 min.ISO 1798

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